Veterans’ Services

Veterans, thank you for your service. We are honored to serve you.

Acro Audiology is proud to have to opportunity to complete Veteran’s Affairs Compensation and Pension evaluations. You fought for our country and we are here to ensure that you are compensated appropriately. We take this responsibility very seriously and handle each case with pride.

What to expect during your C&P evaluation.

1) Your appointment will begin with a simple case history interview.

  • You will be asked to describe any hazardous noise exposure prior to joining the military, while in the military, and after the military.
  • You may be asked about family history of hearing loss, other ear-related ailments, and current use of amplification.
  • You’ll be asked to recall when you first noticed a change in your hearing and tinnitus, as well as how they each impact your daily life.

2) A hearing test will be completed in accordance to VA regulation and instruction.

3) Your report will be submitted to the referring company on the same day as your appointment in attempt to expedite your claim.

Call Acro Audiology Hearing Care Center at (210) 239-5995 for more information or to schedule an appointment.